Programmes & Workshops

A course in Group Facilitation

From time to time a course/workshop in group dynamics and facilitation is presented. It is an intensive 4 – 5 day course where participants (maximum of 12) learn about group processes and dynamics as well as themselves through participating in an experiential group – an experience that can be life changing.

Facilitation of groups

Greyling is an experienced facilitator and can assist your group to work through emotionally charged situations and to learn more effective ways of dealing with difficult situations.

Positive life-skills through sport

The workshop is aimed at parents and athletes alike. It addresses the issue of using sport to develop psychological skills that are transferable to life in general.

Team consultation and facilitation

Effective teamwork can often make the difference between failure or success. A team is more than the sum of the individuals, therefore the dynamics of a team are also different from individual dynamics. A workshop or consultation sessions can assist your team to be more effective, which in turn will assist them to achieve a more positive outcome.

The mind of a winner (Corporate talk)

The talk is aimed at people in business. Having worked with Olympians and many other champions, Greyling has developed a good understanding of how the mind of a winner works. Learning from champions – how they achieve the almost impossible can set you apart from your competitors. It can be truly inspirational to learn that champions are ordinary people that think in extraordinary ways to help them achieve extraordinary things.

Sport psychology for coaches

“We cannot map people’s lives in advance, but much can be done to make desirable outcomes more likely.” This saying is all the more true when it comes to coaches and athletes. If coaches are more skilled in the psychology of sport, they will be able to make the outcome even more likely.
Coaches can learn: What sport psychology is about; how to develop appropriate psychological skills during different stages of athlete career development; how to prepare athletes for the big event; and how to deal effectively with the stress and pressure of coaching.

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