Greyling Viljoen

Greyling Viljoen is a clinical psychologist in full-time private psychotherapy and sport psychology practice. His clinical practice is based in Albert Street, Waterkloof, Pretoria. He also practices at Sport Medical Services, Loftus Park. Official Telehealth consultations can also be arranged on platforms such as Zoom or Google Hangouts – see contact details.


Psychotherapy is an effective way of dealing with emotional and psychological problems and concerns such as when you are feeling down or anxious. It can also help you to improve relationships and social interactions and to address behavioural problems such as addictive or destructive behaviour

Sport/Performance Psychology

The purpose of sport or performance psychology is to enhance performance. How mentally prepared an athlete (or artist) is will often determine how well he/she performs under pressure during competition. The psychological aspect, together with the physical, technical and tactical aspects all need to be developed and work in harmony for an athlete to perform at his/her best.

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